Well, it’s the end of 2016, and in a few short weeks we’ll all have to accept an orange fireball as the U.S. President. Fine. You’ll find a way. I will, too.

But before we do, I’d like to acknowledge one last thing for the record: while I cannot substantively prove that every person who voted for Donald Trump as President is a racist, misogynist, homophobic xenophobe, what I do know to be true is this: for every person who voted for Trump—for Every. Single. Trump. Voter—from Kansas to Connecticut, Trump’s repeated racist, misogynist, homophobic xenophobic remarks, actions, and dog whistles were not a deal-breaker. Does that mean they, themselves, are racist/etc.? Not necessarily, though a great many of them are, and proudly so. Does that mean that they all, to a person, tacitly support racism/etc.?

Yes. That’s exactly what it means. And we all need to stop pussyfooting around it.

When people show you who they are, you best believe them. You can elect a dozen new DNC chairs, and write a hundred longform articles about poor white people in Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and coulda/shoulda/woulda Bernie or Barack or Biden or anybody but the woman who earned 3 million more votes than the orange fireball despite being hobbled by systemic sexism and the FBI and Russian hackers, and it still wouldn’t erase the stain of racism, homophobia, misogyny, and xenophobia that allowed an orange fireball to defeat one of the most qualified public servants in American history.

This is the country we live in.

This is the country we live in.

Keep repeating it, until it sinks in.

Meanwhile, I wish Barack and Michelle happiness, love, and hope. They did so much, weathered so much, and still kept it classy. I’m going to fucking miss them.

Happy 2017, everybody.

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