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I am a writer. My work has appeared or is forthcoming in such publications as Essay Daily, OUT Magazine, The Essay Review, The Gay and Lesbian Review, Thought Catalog, Spry Lit, and the Brevity Blog. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, I attended Morehouse College in Atlanta before earning a graduate degree in Publishing at NYU. I completed my MFA in Creative Writing at Fairfield University, where I currently teach in the undergraduate Core Writing Program. I am married to a brilliant man named Joe, and we have an adorable mutt named Bugsy.

I write personal narratives that examine my life experiences as a way of helping me and my readers understand ourselves better. As a gay immigrant in the U.S. with a passion for politics and identity, I tend to focus on the many peculiarities that at once distinguish us from one another and unite us as human beings. In 2013, when the federal government still refused to acknowledge my marriage to my husband, I volunteered with an advocacy group called The DOMA Project to help spread awareness about the discriminatory law:

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I love when people share their stories, whatever form those stories take. I have facilitated writing workshops for middle-school students and given lectures at graduate schools and publishing conferences.

I want to share my own stories with you, and hope you will share yours with me.